A range of delicious high quality meals and snacks for the health conscious

Eatrite foods are produced according to scientific Low GI protocols. Every meal and snack is prepared with great attention so as to ensure the optimum levels of taste and nutritional value by a caring team of experienced chefs.

We choose only the best ingredients, use no preservatives and guarantee strict compliance to weight and portion control. The Eatrite range of potion controlled meals and snacks assists in creating long terms health benefits and weight management with sustained energy as a result of being low GI, low sugar, low fat, low sodium and high in fibre.

Our new and exciting Eatrite Fresh Range as well as our extensive range of frozen, bakery and snack items can be ordered and delivered directly to your home of office to be enjoyed by the entire family throughout the week or week-end.

View our full range of fresh meals, baked goods (biscuits, rusks and muffins) and snacks (nuts, biltong, nuts). All Eatrite products can be enjoyed as part of a healthy eating plan and are available directly or through selected health shops, dieticians and other stockists.

Endorsed by Dietician, Gabi Steenkamp*, Eatrite's products are scientifically formulated to provide you with the tastiest and most nutritious option available.

For more on Gabi Steenkamp* and her findings on the Low GI principle, please go to www.gabisteenkamp.co.za

* Nutritionist, Science QA (quality assurance), Labelling Consultant and Dietician