Snacking correctly is challenging in our times of overindulgence! Most ready-to-eat snacks available today are either too large, too high in fat or contain too many fast release carbohydrates, all of which increase our risk for lifestyle disease.

These range of snacks in single packed serving, are specially developed for good nutrition and optimum energy management and weighed out to give the correct Glycemic Load, GI and nutrient content required for optimum snacking.

Perfect for desk draws, handbags, school lunch boxes, camping and traveling!

This range of snacks includes a variety of nuts, dried fruits, low GI biscuits and biltong!

Available in:

Fruity snackpack (20 pkts) – assorted dried fruits

Just-for-me snackpack (20pkts) – assorted dried fruits + biscuits

Give-me-more snackpack (20pkts) – assorted dried fruits + nuts + low GI biscuits

All-i-want snackpack (20 pkts) – assorted dried fruits + nuts + low GI biscuits + biltong

Munchie snackpack (15pkts) – assorted low GI biscuits

Big munch snackpack (20 pkts) – assorted low GI biscuits + low GI rusks

The biscuit & rusks snackpacks is also available, these are 2 biscuits individually packed

SNACKPACK Almond biscuits (15 pkts)

SNACKPACK Apricot munchies (15 pkts)

SNACKPACK Crunchie (12 pkts)

SNACKPACK Ginger biscuits (12 pkts)

SNACKPACK Peanut butter biscuits (15 pkts)

SNACKPACK Oat & Bran rusks (12 pkts)

SNACKPACK Yoghurt rusks (12 pkts)

SNACKPACK Pecan nut rusks (12 pkts)

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